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Protect your users on all platforms with ZoneAlarm

Your users’ lives are online, are they secure?

There is a threat: Every day there are 2M new mobile threats. Such as man-in-the-middle through Wi-Fi, phishing and malwares.

Sensitive information on Phones: Users have on their mobile device sensitive content such as financial credentials, photos, videos and e-mails.

Phones are not protected: While most of the users have an Antivirus on their PC, their mobile phone is not protected.

Security Solutions for all devices


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  • Increase ARPU By offering an easy-to-use solution on all platforms, including iOS.
  • Zero upfront investment Revenue share model or attractive company-wide licenses.
  • No integration required the services can be launched in minimum time and effort.
  • Ability to localize & customize the services can be co-branded and adjusted locally.

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